Technical Expertise:
6502 assembler
Z-80 assembler
68000 assembler
370 assembler


B.S., Computer Science, Brown University, Providence, RI


Software Publisher’s Association Elementary Education Award, Classroom Computer Learning Software Award, Incider Magazine Editor’s Choice & Best of 1986, Parent’s Choice Honor Award (2), Media & Methods Education Award, A+ Magazine All-Stars, American Library Association Outstanding Software 1988, Family Computing Magazine Critic’s Choice, Consumer Electronics Show Showcase Award

Speaking Engagments:

Applefest (keynote address), New York Junior Academy of Science, New School for Social Research, ComputerFest, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Independent Web Developer (current)
Design and development of web games. tools and sites
Clients include:
Diesel Design, NDB, Turing Studio, Girlsource, Vibrant Health, Stephens McCarthy. Sky-Rocket, GameVantage, NDA Media, OpalRough, ReacTV, MapWest and many others...
President, Unexpected Development (1992-1997)
Founder, owner and executive of videogame software development company. Supervised a staff of 15 in developing over 20 successful products for Acclaim, US Gold, Viacom, Williams, Absolute, THQ, Post-Linear, 20th Century Fox, Headgames and Hi-Tech.

Dir. of Development, Scholastic Software (1987-1990)
Supervisor of internal software development at Scholastic, the world's largest producer of educational software for schools. Creative and technical director for Microzine, an award-winning bi-monthly software magazine. Responsibilities included editorial direction, supervision of programmers and artists, software design and programming, project scheduling, hiring of employees, budgeting, selection and management of free-lancers.

Independent Software Developer (1983-87, 1990-92)
Developed microcomputer software in the educational and entertainment fields on contract for such clients as Scholastic Software, CBS, Computing Ahead and C.A.P. Software, and conceived & authored these software products:

STAR TREK an action game
McDONALDLAND a game for young children
MATH SHOP Scholastic's best-selling software series for 17 years
STORY MAKER a story-book creation program
HOLIDAY FUN an action game with a Christmas theme
A.I. an artificial-intelligence-based learning system for games
SUCCESS WITH READING a reading skills game using the "cloze" process
BASIC WIZARD a utility that enhances the BASIC environment

Video Game Designer, Atari, Inc. (1982-83)
Designed and programmed graphics-based games for the Atari line of home computers. Implemented a BASIC interpreter for the ATARI GRADUATE computer.

Mathematics Instructor, Amity Agency (1981-82)
Managed and taught S.A.T. preparatory course for high school students.

Software Engineer, CODEX, Inc. (1980-81)
Designed data compression modules for use in multiplexed communication systems using dynamic adaptive compression algorithms.

additional skills:
writing (fiction, humor and playwriting), editing, proofreading, tormenting telemarketers